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Buying Rock Salt Crystal Lamps Factory Direct And More

This is a primer on buying Polish salt lamps wholesale and retail and at the best price so that you can sell it on eBay, in your shop or on your web site.

Buying Factory Direct

The limiting factor in buying salt lamps is the cost of shipping. Factories tend to have low order minimums, as long as you can show that you are in business. But it is not the order minimum that really concerns you. It is the cost of shipping.

Salt lamps are heavy. And they are expensive to ship in small quantities.

Let us discuss this by way of examples.

Suppose you order 10 lamps. And suppose they are 5 kilo each. You have 50 kilograms of lamps plus packing costs.

If you wanted these shipped to the United States by UPS, the cost is about $500.

If you ship them to the UK, the cost is about $300.

Now suppose your order 30 lamps and want them shipped by sea freight. They would be put on a pallet. If they are 5 kilo lamps, they would take about 1/4 cubic meter of volume. But when you ship a pallet, you pay for a minimum of 1 cubic meter. That means that it costs you the same amount to ship 30 lamps as it does 120 lamps.

Our experience shows that it makes no economic sense for you to order less than a full pallet of lamps from a Polish factory unless you order through one of the special services that save you shipping and importing charges. We will talk about that later in this page.


About Wholesale Prices

Your profit margin is heavily dependent on the shipping costs. A dollar or two difference in the wholesale cost of some lamps can be quickly eroded when shipping costs are factored in. For most businesses, it is better to buy small quantities from a drop shipper or aggregator.

If you wish to get a quotation on a pallet or more of salt lamps, please send information by going here.Polish Product Information Center.


Buying Less Than A Pallet Load Of Salt Lamps

If you cannot find a way to buy directly from the factory, either because of the amount of money you have to invest or shipping costs, you can buy from a distributor.

There are many advantages in buying from a distributor. Order minimums will be lower. You can mix and match without having to buy multiple numbers or a particular piece. And shipping times are shorter.

The price will be higher because it reflects the service value of importing and storing the salt lamps.


Buying From A Drop Shipper

A drop shipper is a distributor. And it is one that has no order minimums. And it will ship to any address that you wish. You can use a drop shipper to make it look like you have your own warehouse.

Working with a drop shipper has advantages if you have a small shop, sell at home parties, flea markets, garage sales and bazaars. It also is the best way for you to sell on auction sites and from your own web site or mail order catalog.


You order a small inventory to put in your restaurant, gift shop, shopping mall kiosk or on your trader's table at a swap meet or flea market.

You either sell that inventory and replace it by ordering individual pieces from your drop shipper, or you take special orders and have the pieces shipped directly to your customer or to you for delivery.


You order a fair sized inventory for your shop. You use the drop shipper to replace your inventory without having to be concerned with order minimums.

Since you can order single items from a drop shipper, you don't have to stock all pieces in all patterns. You can have sample displays and get the additional pieces in a couple days.

The prices will vary with the size of your order. But that is to be expected. It costs money to pack single items so you pay a little more.

If you are just getting started with your business,or want some ideas on starting a salt lamp business, click on Salt Lamp Businessclick here.