Polish Salt Lamps

About Polish salt lamps and how to buy wholesale, how to use them and their benefits.

polish salt lamp

The salt lamps from Poland are claimed to be the highest quality in the world, not only because of workmanship, but also because of the unique salt from which they are carved.

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The rock salt cyrstal used in Poland is unique. It is found only in Poland and has characteristics and colors that are different from all other that you find in the world.

And the workers in Poland have a long tradition in salt carving so the products that you get are also unique and made by some of the most experienced in the world and who have a long standing tradition of quality.

There is a video below that gives you an wonderful look at them.

Man has known about the benefits of salt for ages. And during the medieval times when prisoners were sent to the salt mines, man’s knowledge about what salt and salt lamps could do advanced dramatically.

The video below gives you a nice presentation of the beauty of what is made in Poland. You are invited to watch it and enjoy the color as well as to understand what the lamps look like in the dark.

One of the techniques used by astute salt lamp sellers is to make a dark room and put into it a large number of lighted lamps. They report very high sales closure rates when people go into the room and see the colors for themselves.

Salt Lamps lend themselves to kiosk sales and outdoor market sales.

At outdoor markets, erecting a simple tent will make a darkroom.

Not only will the darkroom show the lamps well, it will be an attraction in its own right.

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