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Wholesale Drop Ship Supplier For eBay

Where and how to get a reliable wholesale drop ship supplier for drop shipping on eBay.

EBay drop shipping is very popular and can be very profitable. And if you are going to drop ship on eBay it is important that you find a drop ship supplier that will not only give you products for drop shipping on eBay but will provide you the necessary support services that will help you increase your profits from drop shipping on eBay.

There are many people who offer drop shipping for eBay. You'll spend time in evaluating the various offers that you find for wholesale products to be drop shipped on eBay.

While you are doing your research and evaluating various drop ship suppliers, always keep in the back of your mind that you cannot separate your wholesale drop ship supplier from the rating that you develop for reliability on eBay. Your reputation on eBay will affect your profits.

For one thing you must be sure of the quality of the product. You can never make a second first impression, so when you deliver something to a client who buys from you on eBay for the first time you want to be sure that the client is impressed with the product that you have sold.

So for long term successful drop shipping on eBay, you have to have a supplier of quality products.

One of the dangers of drop shipping is that you do not control the shipment process. You are totally dependent upon the factory or distributor to send the proper product in a timely fashion to your customer. Regardless of how honest you are and what service you want to provide, if your wholesale drop shipping supplier does not perform in a timely fashion your reputation on eBay will be hurt.

Your eBay dropping supplier must deliver promptly and must deliver the goods that you tell him to deliver.

There are two main obstacles to making a sale on the Internet and that includes making a sale on eBay. Your customer, particularly if your customer is buying something for a gift, will be concerned than in the product will not meet the recipients approval. Your customer will also be concerned about price. But the overall consideration will be for approval of the product that is received in the mail.

If you are choosing a wholesale drop shipper for eBay, you will do well to choose a drop shipper that emphasizes their return policy that is a no questions asked 90 day full guarantee of satisfaction of the product.

If you choose a drop shipper that guarantee satisfaction of the delivered product for 90 days, you can pass this onto your customer.

Studies have shown that if you offer a customer a 30 day return guarantee you'll see an increase in sales. If you offer a 90 day return guarantee, you see a dramatic increase in sales. And when you offer a 90 day guarantee you do not see an increase in the number of returns.

With a 30 day guarantee there is a certain amount of pressure on the customer to be sure to return the product in a short time. With a 90 day guarantee the pressure is taken off the customer and the customer is more likely to keep the product.

And, of course, because you have the faith in your own products by offering a 90 day guarantee you create more trust on the part of the customer and are likely to increase your sales on eBay and on your website, also.

So if you're going to be doing drop shipping on eBay or through an online store, look for a wholesale supplier that delivers quality products in a timely fashion and who will provide you a no questions asked 90 day return guarantee.

So if you're going to be drop shipping on eBay, it behooves you to take your time and analyze the return policy offered by your wholesale eBay supplier. You should also test that supplier by ordering one or more products from that supplier to check for quality and for their reliability for delivery.